Hi Zeljko, Here is a study done a few years ago by PG&E in California that compared a number of high performance Gordontheplumber.com Aurora IL 60502 water heaters: ftp://ftp2.cpuc.ca.gov/PG&E20150130ResponseToA1312012Ruling/2010/04/SB_GT&S_0035504.pdf The Phoenix by HTP is a stainless steel heater that outperforms any competitor I know of. It also is available in a model with integrated solar, and/or with a module for radiant heating (they call this one the Versa-Hydro). HTP has a full line of high efficiency storage water heaters. They have the wall hung RGH-199 with 3.5 gallon buffer, enough to allow for hot water recirc and preventing the unit from short cycling. They have the 20 gallon RGH in 75, or 100k btu sizes. Then they have the Phoenix Light Duty and larger Phoenixes up to 399k btu (with dual burner assemblies for built in redundancy). These units have stainless steel tanks. If your intention is to present an overview of options for quality heaters, we hope you will have a look at this line and include it in your site.


There are a number of water heat options out there. The next few paragraphs will discuss what some of those options are. One of the most widely available fuel source for tankless heaters and heat pump heaters is electricity. Not only that, but electricity can be […] How To Choose The Best Sump Pump To Use In Your Basement Sump Pump Defined Before you can choose the best pump to use in your basement, you first need to understand what they are. A sump pump is a kind of electric power pump that gets installed on your basement floor. The Purpose Of A Sump Pump A sump pump’s main purpose is eliminating any unnecessary water from an area whenever it is raining hard. This tool is critical to have in your basement during the winter season and hurricanes. Different Kinds Of Sump Pumps Different types of sump pumps are needed for different basements. That is why it’s so important to choose the right pump carefully that will work well. The following are seven different kinds that you can choose from for your basement.


The theme continues through bright orange and yellow wrapping on service trucks — and the giveaway of a pair of sunglasses with every job. The positive vibes flowing from the company image are also, by design, felt within the company, according to Eisenhauer. He says The Sunny Plumber is as optimistic a workplace as it appears to be. “Every company goes through its trials, but we do everything we can to keep morale up. We do everything we can to make it a positive work environment. The management style I have always followed is to lead on a positive level,” he says. “And the line repair positive attitude we have in the office, when conveyed to our clients, helps them overcome their situations. After all, the clients have called us because they are unhappy. They are unhappy that something is wrong in their home.” Eisenhauer says the positive attitude begins with Goodrich, who, he says, is “upbeat and can-do and pretty demanding, too. He attracts the best talent — not just recruits them.” The upbeat company attracts customers, too.


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